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Here at WeCure, we are committed to the wellbeing of all our clients. Below you will find articles and news on various topics related to health tourism in general, healthcare abroad, as well as announcements on new procedures and treatments as and when we launch them. If there is a specific topic or question you need answering, just let us know!

Hair Transplant in Turkey

What are the Types of Hair Transplantation?

What are the main hair transplant methods and what are there differences? Don't know your FUE from your FUSS? Here we explore the differences as well as why UK patients are flocking to the holiday resorts in Turkey. With the average hair transplantation cost in the UK being around 10-12K, many people are seeking out the world-class clinics in Turkey and the significant savings they offer! Read on...
Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

So, you've been told you need a dental implant. After you have regained consciousness from the fall you had when you heard the potential cost, here's how you can make a huge saving. In the UK, a single implant can cost an eye-watering £3500 and you may need more. Other associated costs such as check-up fees and travel mean that it can all add up to be extremely expensive. However, if you're willing to take a short four flight to Turkey you’ll be paying significantly less.
Healthcare in Turkey

Why More UK Patients are Seeking Healthcare in Turkey

Here in the UK, our national healthcare system (NHS) is looked at in envy from people residing in countries such as the USA where healthcare can come at an expensive cost. Not only this but more and more Brits are finding that despite it being free healthcare, not all services are offered publicly, and this is what has led to a rise of what we call health tourism
Dental Treatment Abroad

Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

One of the costliest health treatments in the UK is dental surgery. More complex procedures such as dentures can cost upwards of £269 per denture. Aside from cost, the other problem you have with NHS dental clinics is long waiting lists and times. If you want to avoid the waiting time and go private not only does this come at an extra annual fee but the prices can be nearly four to six times more than NHS costs - but, there is another option. Read on...

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