How to get Fuller and Thicker Hair with a Hair Transplant

How a Hair Transplant can help you achieve fuller and thicker hair

So you are experiencing hair loss. Don’t stress; you can get your full hair and your gorgeous look back with a hair transplant. Hair transplant takes a small portion of your natural hair to fix another area on your scalp where your hair is thinning. It is probably the most effective remedy for hair loss in the world today, and there has not been any conclusive evidence that associates it with side effects.

If you’re looking to defy the aging process like the countless individuals out there that are currently enjoying the amazing results of hair transplants, there are certain things you must know first. First of all, you can’t just get your hair transplant from anywhere. Because the results you get from a hair transplant depends on a handful of factors. Other than your hair features (hair type, quality and so on), the most obvious factors that determine the results of your hair transplants are your choice of Surgeon and medical facility. With that being said, you need to know also, that the procedure is not for everyone.

So, who is the perfect candidate for hair transplantation?

Surely, a hair transplant can help patients achieve a fuller and thicker head of hair. On the other hand, if you have absolutely no hair on your scalp, you may just not be the right candidate for this procedure. Anybody that has a challenge of male pattern baldness or hair loss and has some hair on the scalp can undergo this medicinal technique. Since it takes your own regular hair and skin to improve the diminishing zone, it has next to zero side effects. So long as your doctor is satisfied that you’re fit medicinally to experience the hair transplant procedure, you are good to go. In the event that you are losing your hairline, this is most likely the best choice for you.

What does a hair transplant involve?

Hair transplant is a restorative strategy that fixes regions that are diminishing on the scalp with hair that is transferred from another region on the scalp where the hair is more full. This restorative methodology has been for some time now and has been helping people get their youthful look back even for as far back as the 1950s. On the other hand, science has encountered unprecedented changes that as, thus, prompted the headway of hair transplant. With this progression in method and innovation, individuals that experience this restorative procedure turn out with results that very likely surpass their desires. This turns into an assurance when you pick the best doctor’s office for your hair transplant. For optimal results, you’ll need to approach a specialist or medical facility that has practical experience in hair transplant (like the vast majority of proficient surgeons in Turkey).

To start the hair transplant surgery, the specialist will clean the patient’s scalp and give a shot of desensitizing medications to the area of interest. The reason for this is to desensitize the area so that the patient will feel no pain throughout the procedure.

Methods of performing the hair transplant

By and large, there are two different ways to accomplish the hair transplant surgery. Your specialist will have to pick the one that is considerably more suitable for you amid the surgery.


FUSS Hair Transplant Technique

The first of the two methodologies of hair transplant is FUSS (follicular unit strip medical procedure). In this sort of Hair transplant technique, the specialist will expel some measure of skin from the back of a patient’s head, for the most part, 6 to a 10-inch portion of skin. Next, the specialist will tend the site where the piece of skin was taken and set the acquired portion of skin aside. Since the strip was expelled from the site where hair is more full, that area will be covered momentarily by the encompassing hair follicles. A while later, the removed portion of skin would be isolated into tiny scions (around 500-2000) each with a strand of hair on it. How much and what kind of scions you get relies upon your hair quality, type, shading, and the degree of the diminishing area.


FUE Hair Transplant Methodology

The second technique or way to deal with a hair transplant is commonly known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). For this methodology, the specialist will shave the back of the scalp and take hair follicles from the shaved region. More often than not, the hair follicles are chosen one-by-one. Next, the specialist will move the removed scions to the assigned area and make cuts or openings.

To round up the hair transplant procedure (both FUSS and FUE techniques), the surgeon will then fix the transplants exclusively in each opening.

Do Hair Transplants Work?

Without a doubt! Hair transplant is the best method to get thicker/more full hair. So long as you have some amount of hair on your scalp (donor area), this procedure will almost certainly work for you. In fact, a lot of celebrities have used this life-changing restorative procedure to improve their hair and ultimately, their looks. What’s more, the entirety of the procedure only last four 4 to 8 hours, depending on how much you need your diminishing hairline to improve. Although you’ll in all probability need to wear wraps on your head for several days, you’ll be stunned by the results of this restorative procedure. Before the initial, 6 months of you finishing the hair transplant medical procedure elapses, you’ll have grown 60 percent of new hair in the fixed area. With this restorative technique, you can have hair that is obviously more full and thicker inside a couple of months after you experience the medical procedure.

So why pick Turkey for your Hair Transplant?

When the time comes to make a decision for your hair transplant, you need to do all that you can to ensure that you get your desired results. At this point, you need specialists that understand the procedure more than anyone else and have a long line of accomplishments of hair transplant to their credit. Turkey is home to a considerable lot of these well-experienced and all around prepared hair transplant specialists, and has world-class medical facilities where you’ll get nothing less than the best results. No ifs and’s or buts, your hair transplant procedure in Turkey will fix your hair loss, and you’ll be 100% happy with the results of your surgery.

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