Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Turkey a good destination for health tourism?

The importance given to health in Turkey has come to be known around the world. We see approximately 500,000 patients come to Turkey for a treatment every year, and there is a very good reason as to why patients travel for higher quality of healthcare. It’s affordable, readily available, and it is all done in a relaxed environment.

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Why is WeCure a better alternative than local treatments?

Most complications after a medical procedure happen during the first week after surgery. Since you will be staying in the destination during your treatment, you will have a dedicated team standing by to cater to you, if the worse were to happen. Our team will recommend follow up treatments and make sure you have fully recuperated before you travel back.

How can your prices be inexpensive while keeping the treatments top notch?

Medical tourism in Turkey is controlled by the Ministry of Health which subsidizes all health-related activities on companies that promote Turkey as a popular destination. Furthermore, mostly due to the exchange rates (as of 18th of September 2020 1 Pounds Sterling equals 10 Turkish Liras) cost of living and domestic production play a key role. In the end, this means savings on to you.

How do I know if I can trust the doctors, nurses, and practitioners?

All hospitals in Turkey serve according to national accreditation criteria and are audited twice a year. All transactions and obligations related to health tourism are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health as required by law. All our clinics are A+ rated by the Ministry of Health in Turkey representing the gold standards in quality and hygiene.

What happens if something goes wrong with my treatment?

All doctors serving in Turkey must have occupational obligation insurance. In case of any medical error or malpractice, the patient is compensated by insurance.

Will treatments come with a guarantee?

In an unlikely event of complications with treatments, our medical clinics have malpractice insurance in accordance and standards of the Ministry of Health. WeCure will also provide free corrective procedures, availability is based on the medical procedure offered.

How can I pay for my treatment?

WeCure makes it easy to pay. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Paypal . (We also accept these currencies, USD, GBP, EUR)

Will there be arrangements for transport and hotels included in the price of the treatment?

Yes, our dedicated team will coordinate your journey from start to finish. We will build you a tailor-made all-inclusive package which includes flights, ground transfers (Airport-Hotel-Clinic), hotel accommodations or anything that matches your preferences. That way you, the patient, can combine a treatment along with a mini-holiday in an inspiring and relaxing city.

Will the doctors speak fluent English?

English and German are both widely spoken in Turkey and in most tourist-focused towns along the Mediterranean coast. Nevertheless, your treatment holiday will come with an English native speaker facilitator for absolute clarity.

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