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breast reduction

Huge breasts are regarded as attractive and a symbol of femininity, but if they are disproportionately large, they are more of an annoyance. Big breasts come with a significant amount of challenges too. For women with larger breasts, chronic pain is frequent, especially in the neck, shoulder, and back. With constant wardrobe malfunctions and an unattractive appearance of the body from excessive size and weight, the clothing problems are also nearly constant. Not to mention the likelihood of skin rashes on the area of skin just beneath the breasts. 

Universe has heard you if you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your large breasts and wished there was a way to reduce them for a more appealing appearance. Reduction mammoplasty, often known as breast reduction surgery, can help you reduce the size of your breasts whether you are a woman with enormous breasts or a man dealing with gynecomastia.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Macromastia is the medical term for enormous breasts, and reduction mammoplasty is a surgical technique aimed at reducing the size and contour of the breasts by removing excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat. The cosmetic benefits of breast reduction surgery rank second in terms of popularity after medical ones. 

For a better body form and enhanced self-image, people who are self-conscious about their breasts or unhappy with their huge breasts frequently have cosmetic breast reduction surgery, (the NHS estimate costs at around £6500!). Even if breast reduction surgery is undertaken for cosmetic purposes, it has a significant functional component too. The outcomes of surgical breast reduction are typically long-lasting, needing neither maintenance nor additional therapies.

What Are The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

One of the most popular cosmetic operations, breast reduction offers a variety of advantages and has immediate yet long-lasting effects. The following are a few rationales for considering breast reduction surgery:

No More Chronic Aches

It can improve quality of life by alleviating chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain brought on by the continual weight of the breasts.

Active Lifestyle

Since breasts are frequently regarded as a barrier to exercise, you can live a more active lifestyle with the literal and metaphorical removal of a weight from your chest. Another benefit is that you wouldn’t experience the typical post-workout breast pain that comes with having huge breasts.

Improved Skin and Hygiene 

With a breast reduction procedure, you would be able to live a life free from all of these uncomfortable and irritating skin disorders. Skin rash, irritation, and allergies are frequently found under the fold of skin located under the breasts, and they are especially common in warmer climates.

Attractive Appearance

With more shapely breasts, your physique will certainly appear more captivating, giving you a more appealing overall appearance.

Better Fitting Clothes

Furthermore, clothes usually fit better, fewer things go wrong, and you can dress more daringly. You would finally be able to put on that form-fitting, low-cut dress you have been admiring for years.

Improved Mental Health

Your confidence and, in turn, your mental health may suffer as a result of self-consciousness about your physical appearance brought on by disproportionate breasts and the poor clothes fitting that results. Your mental health is considerably improved by breast reduction surgery since it boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Process of Breast Reduction Surgery

It is important to get a complete pre-operative assessment for your case, discuss the goals and expectations with the surgeons so they can assess your case and map it accordingly.

Breast reduction surgery is exclusively performed while being under general anaesthesia and can take anywhere between two to four hours, depending on how complicated the case is. The relocation of the nipple, liposuction to remove extra fat, and breast contouring to improve the breast’s contour and get rid of any noticeable sagging are the most common procedures involved. Once the surgical plan has been carried out, the surgeon covers the surgical site with dressing material and applies deep stitches.

The procedure generally has a high success rate, however, there are occasionally a few issues like scarring, delayed wound healing, and loss of nipple sensation. However, the likelihood of complications is greatly reduced when the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon with the finest preoperative and postoperative care.

Recovery Phase and Aftercare

Since breast reduction surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia, the post-anesthetic recovery is included in the healing period. In most cases, the patient is discharged within a few hours but the presence of drainage tubes and dressing at the surgical site for up to two days can be restricting movement. The recovery period usually takes two to six weeks, depending on individual circumstances.

According to your doctor’s instructions, you should follow the following aftercare procedures up to two to six weeks after the surgical treatment for the best outcomes and adequate healing:

  • Utilize oral and topical treatments as prescribed by your physician.
  • Take care of the operative site by adhering to the post-operative instructions and scheduling routine checkups with your doctor at the prescribed intervals.
  • Refrain from lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not stretch or exercise, even if it is only light to moderate intensity.
  • Be gentle with everything you do, especially in the first two to four weeks.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting and underwire bras, particularly during the recovery phase

Cosmetic Breast Reduction Surgery 

Insurance does not pay for breast reduction surgery unless it is done to treat a medical issue. In particular, cosmetic reconstructive surgery has to be self-financed and can be quite expensive, especially in the UK. Another difficult step is making a surgery appointment due to the constant backlog.

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