The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people all around the world—establishments have ceased operations, events have been cancelled, and routines have been disrupted. All of these have been done to reduce the risk of infection, which is necessary because countless lives have already been claimed by the virus.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding all of us, you must remember to take good care of yourself—this begins with proper hygiene habits. Although your regular dental treatments and hygienist visits may not be possible at the moment, it is imperative to continue observing proper dental care.

Your health remains your number one defence against the virus, and keeping yourself healthy also means caring for your gums and teeth. Here are four simple ways you can keep yourself healthy during the pandemic:

1 – Brush your teeth properly and regularly

Global pandemic or not, brushing your teeth is a must. You need to make sure to clean every single tooth, so brush every surface. Make sure to brush the inner and outer tooth surfaces, most especially the chewing sides of your teeth.

While being thorough is important, remember not to brush your teeth forcefully. Your teeth and gums may end up being damaged, which will leave you susceptible to infections. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day.

2 – Never skip flossing your teeth

Daily flossing is also a vital habit you need to build. There are only so many crevices your toothbrush can reach, and stuck in between your teeth are particles and plaque that can cause decay. To get rid of them, use dental floss. As with brushing your teeth, however, remember to be gentle—flossing too hard will damage your gums and teeth.

3 – Use a mouth rinse

A mouth rinse or mouthwash can help remove bacteria, as well as help prevent bad breath. Dentists recommend to gargle and swish the solution in your mouth properly, which should last for 30 seconds before spitting out. Keep in mind, however, that this is merely additional protection for your mouth—it shouldn’t replace brushing and flossing!

4 – Eat a healthy and balanced diet

One of the best ways to practice good dental hygiene is by eating better food. Although difficult, avoiding sugary foods and carbohydrates can help you maintain a healthy mouth. Eating food that contains too much sugar feeds the bacteria already living in your mouth. This enables them to form plaques that eventually decay your teeth. To prevent this from happening, switch to a diet that consists of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables.


Prevention is better than cure, they say, and that holds for your dental health. By practising good dental hygiene, you stay healthy both in the present and the future. Your oral health affects your overall health, after all. In a time where a good immune system is necessary to fight off a pandemic, neglecting your dental health will leave you compromised—it’s best to keep it healthy!


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Dental health is an indispensable part of our overall health. In fact, unlike other sicknesses and ailments, experiencing any oral problems is not too easy to ignore. It can affect your mood for the entire day significantly. You’d need to find a trusted dental clinic and dentist to help you get through it. Most importantly, this clinic should provide quality dental treatments whenever or wherever you need it.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best dental clinic:


  1. Offers quality service

When you search for a clinic, your topmost concern should be: ‘does this clinic provide all the services I would need?’

When committing to a dental clinic, make sure they can address all your potential dental concerns and that they can do a great job. Besides the service, you should also check on the clinic’s history, how it works, and the list of doctors it has.


  1. Is a trusted clinic

The best way to feel at ease with trusting the clinic you’re eyeing is to check how their patients think about them. That can be easily checked if they have a website or an online page with reviews.

See patients’ testimonials, and if you can reach out to them, do so. Ask their experience from contacting the clinic or dentist up to when they set foot in the clinic to undergo the procedure. Stories from your co-patients and even from the medical staff can also speak a lot about the clinic. You may ask your trusted friends for recommendations too!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check the doctor’s accreditations too. Every doctor should have this displayed for their patients to see.

You can rest assured that here at WeCure, we only use trusted dental clinics and professionals which pass our vigorous vetting process. You can also view our patient testimonials on our website as well as on YouTube 


  1. Must be within your budget

What use is a world-class dental clinic offering all the services you need if these don’t suit your budget? Why would you also settle for a clinic with affordable services but doesn’t meet your standards?

The only challenge is finding the right clinic for you which tick all the right boxes. Our accredited trusted dental clinics offer exceptional quality of service but at affordable rates. We do all the leg-work for you so it’s all worry-free! Our concierge service even arranges pick-ups and drop-offs for complete peace of mind.


  1. Exhibits a great work attitude

No one wants to feel disregarded or unimportant, especially when health is concerned. Go for clinics, doctors, and medical staff that make you feel at ease and you’re comfortable with.

Prefer clinics that have better customer service. They should be able to accommodate you and your concerns when you have them. They should not be hard to reach and should know how to manage their customers. Most importantly, they should also be patient and know how to handle their emotions professionally.

Think of possible emergencies, and if you think that the clinic you have in mind would make your emergencies feel less scary, you’re in luck!

Our personal concierge service provides a 24-hour Whatsapp number so you can reach us at any time of day, whatever your concern or if you just have a quick query.


  1. Provides other perks

It is not mandatory, but it is always nice to know that the clinic you’re considering has some unique offers, especially for their loyal patients. Having occasional or seasonal promos can help you save up on expenses as well. This can also be a reflection of how they value their patients and their business.



If the clinic you’re considering has these five qualities, you should be in good hands. Sometimes, it will require you to call, research, and even visit these clinics in person before you’re able to gauge how they work truly.

WeCure is at hand and here to assist you in finding the best dental clinic and dentist for your needs.

If you need help in finding the perfect dental clinic in Turkey, we can do it all for you. We only partner with quality clinics providing the world-class dental treatments you need. Our goal is to connect patients with quality doctors and clinics around the world, no matter where you’re from or the treatment required.

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Nothing can be more painful and disruptive than going through a dental emergency. Chances are that you’ve had a severe toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, or possibly a crown, veneer, or bridge falling off.

When confronted with these situations, you might resort to taking a few steps without considering going to a dental clinic immediately. Know, however, that doing so can possibly result in negative oral repercussions.

In this article, we will share with you three common mistakes individuals tend to make during a dental emergency and why you should visit a dentist for dental treatments as soon as possible:


  1. Ignoring a dental emergency entirely

When faced with a dental emergency situation, you will most likely attend to your tooth and completely ignore it later on. For instance, if you have a severe toothache, you’ll administer a toothache drop or take a pain killer without addressing the root cause. The problem with this is that the same problem will continue to surface repeatedly.

If you visit your dentist to get an actual treatment, they will be able to look into the underlying cause and provide the proper treatment to address the problem. That way, you won’t have to experience the same problem ever again.


  1. Resorting to a home remedies

There’s no denying that the Internet is full of information about home remedies for a dental emergency. Because of this, if and when you have a severe toothache, you’ll most likely surf the net and look for alternative treatments that can be done at home. You may resort to herbal remedies that can be made and applied or get an ice cube and put it on your cheeks to numb your tooth and manage the pain. However, this may only alleviate the pain for a short period.

While home remedies provide temporary relief and solution, an actual dentist can treat the exact problem and help maintain your oral health in the long run. For this reason, it’s best to see your dentist for dental treatments so that you’ll save yourself from longer periods of pain.


  1. Not handling a tooth properly when it is knocked out

What can be more frustrating is a tooth that gets completely knocked out. You may probably think that you won’t be able to save this tooth. What many fail to realise is that a dentist can save the tooth, as long as it is handled properly and immediately.

Keep in mind that there are a few steps you need to take before heading off to a dentist. First, handle the tooth by the white part of the tooth sticking out normally and avoid handling the roots. Second, clean the tooth, either using saliva or running it under cold water for a few seconds. Finally, try to put the tooth back into the hole if you can. Then, head to the dental clinic as soon as possible.



When it comes to any dental emergency, it all boils down to visiting a dental clinic and getting immediate treatment. Whether it’s an excruciating toothache, a damaged tooth, or a falling bridge, you shouldn’t take it for granted, rely on home remedies, or handle it yourself. Doing so might actually worsen the problem and cause longer recovery periods. Visiting a professional dentist to get your tooth treated during a dental emergency can address the situation and ensure your overall oral health.

If you’re looking for aesthetic treatments in Turkey that offer non-emergency dental treatment, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most common aesthetic treatments available in the health industry today. While many tend to overlook this particular cosmetic improvement, the state of a person’s teeth is actually one of the most noticeable characteristics they can publicly show.

Some may think that brushing and flossing are enough to keep their teeth in their best state. For many other people, however, their teeth have natural blemishes that are unable to be tackled or changed just by general dental hygiene. Thanks to the efforts of the dental industry, cosmetic dentistry is now available to fix, straighten, and whiten your teeth to perfection.

Although seemingly like an added expense over a list of already costly daily expenses, some simple aesthetic treatments for your teeth can benefit you greatly. In this article, we will share with you three reasons to prove that cosmetic dentistry is a worthy investment for yourself.


  1. It is quick, affordable, and painless

Many people make excuses not to go to the dentist; more so when speaking of cosmetic dental specialists. Some would say that they don’t have time, or that it’s a costly expense, or even that they’re too scared of the pain. The truth, however, is that procedures are quick, affordable, and largely painless.

Unlike other popular aesthetic improvements, such as plastic surgery, most cosmetic dental services are quite affordable and quick. The advancements in modern technology have pushed for more pain-free and quick methods for you to improve your teeth. More often than not, an hour would be enough for a procedure, after which, you have the rest of the day to enjoy as normally.


  1. It improves the quality of your daily life

The most immediate reason for undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure is to improve your teeth’s aesthetic. While seemingly a shallow reason, the underlying truth is that the various aspects of your aesthetics — no matter how small or minor — will affect your daily life.

Having poorly conditioned teeth can lead to self-esteem issues, hindering one from having a “normal” daily life. A simple procedure can remedy that, returning your confidence to face each day with a bright smile.


  1. It contributes greatly to your health

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only purely about improving aesthetics, but also about maintaining your oral health. Fixing cracks and chips on a tooth using an inlay or an onlay, for example, won’t only leave the tooth looking brand new, it also helps prevent further decay. Some whitening procedures and cleaning will also eradicate leftover bacteria and plaque from your teeth.

While these may seem to only affect your teeth’s aesthetics, the underlying result of reducing bacteria growth and tooth decay is actually a very positive indicator of your overall health. When left unchecked, these can be exceedingly painful and move on to more severe mouth diseases and sicknesses.


The truth of cosmetic dentistry

The value of this option is actually widely underappreciated, but its procedures directly benefit those who are smart enough to take part in it. For a reasonable price, you can have a quick and painless procedure to improve your health and overall aesthetic. The effects of having good teeth are highly significant, even if it’s just to show off a beautiful smile.

Are you looking for a more affordable (than the UK) and reliable provider of cosmetic dental treatments? Get in touch with us today to learn more about which aesthetic dental treatments are best for you!


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No matter how much you believe that humanity is evolving significantly in every aspect, the idea of perfection isn’t all as it seems because many people still struggle with the appearance of their teeth.

A sad truth of life is that not all sets of teeth are made equal: some are pearly white and straight, others are yellow but still straight, while others are yellowed, crooked, and blemished at the same time. Fortunately, being born with a dental imperfection doesn’t mean that you’ll have to live with it forever. In fact, aesthetic dentistry is one field of dentistry that can help solve this common problem.


Aesthetic dentistry in a nutshell

The field of cosmetic dentistry, to put it simply, is a specialised practice that focuses on improving the overall appearance of any patient’s teeth.

As opposed to other disciplines or practices in the dentistry industry, aesthetic dentistry (or cosmetic dentistry) solely focuses on the process of beautifying everything in the mouth, essentially covering the teeth, bite, and gums. With the help of various practices, tools, and procedures, cosmetic dentists can gradually improve the shape of your mouth and the quality of the smile it holds in the long run.

In spite of the fact that its main goal is to improve the appearance of any set of teeth, however, aesthetic dentistry can also make way for more desired effects and bridges towards fostering improvements in function.


What are the key elements that aesthetic dentistry focuses on?

Aesthetic dentistry, for the most part, focuses on six key elements: the general appearance of your smile, the alignment of your teeth, their colour, shape, position, and overall size. By tackling these key elements with every procedure, aesthetic dentistry can help improve any type of smile and bring the best out of it for decades to come, helping to re-gain that all-important confidence!


The various forms of aesthetic dentistry

When it comes to subcategories, aesthetic dentistry comes in quite a few different forms and guises that serve a variety of highly-specialised purposes. Generally speaking, however, there are three key forms that have become much more noteworthy and essential to any aesthetic dentist’s list of services:


  1. Non-invasive cosmetic improvements

Thanks to recent developments in cosmetic dental treatment technology, modern aesthetic dentistry procedures are mostly non-invasive, meaning that nothing has to be added or removed to improve the appearance of your chompers. Various non-invasive procedures, such as gum depigmentation, enamel bleaching, and laser whitening, can help bring out your best smile without needing a drastic or costly procedure that can hamper your everyday functions!


  1. Addition of dental materials

With various tools, materials, and treatment methods taking the modern aesthetic dentistry industry by storm, patients can now transform their smiles to mimic those that Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars possess. For example, gum grafts, porcelain veneers, crowns, and bonding treatments can greatly improve the overall appearance of your teeth with just a few tweaks!


  1. Removal of dental materials

Dental material removal is one of the core treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, albeit being rarely performed as opposed to other procedures and treatments. Such examples of cosmetic dentistry include:  removal procedures such as gingivectomy (or the removal of gums), teeth sculpting and reshaping, and enameloplasty (or the precise scaling and removal of enamel).


Final words

Cosmetic dentistry affords any type of person the opportunity to turn their set of chompers into the straight and pearly-white teeth with a slight overbite that they’ve always been dreaming of. If you’re looking to revamp the way your teeth look and become much more confident with each and every smile that you flash, then get in touch with the UK’s foremost cosmetic dental treatment experts at WeCure today!


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Dental implants can be a godsend—these are life-like tooth replacements that will make your teeth look even more beautiful than they are. But before you head to your local dental facility, there are a few things you need to know about dental implants first. Take note, too, that not everyone is “eligible” to have a dental implant.


Jaw Bone Density

Not everyone can get a dental implant for the reason that it needs something to latch onto. Dental implants use the jaw bone to achieve a secure grip for the replacement tooth. However, a lost tooth may cause your jaw bone to shrink, which means that the longer you have a missing tooth, the more your jaw bone may shrink. In fact, the jaw bone can eventually collapse and get reabsorbed by your body.


High Success Rate

You’ll be surprised that a lot of people have gone through a dental implant procedure. In fact, the person next to you might have one also. That’s the thing about dental implants; they look so real that you won’t be able to distinguish it as an implant. That said, the success rate for dental implants is high. However, the dental health of an individual still plays a huge factor here, so the success rate still varies.


Eating Habits

Unlike other dental treatment options, a dental implant will not have a substantial effect on your eating habits. You can still enjoy your food by naturally chewing it. There’s no need to be extra mindful when you’re eating because that implant will barely budge from all that chewing. Dental implants will function like natural teeth.


Risk of Implant Failure

Despite the high success rate of dental implants, there’s still a risk of implant failure, and this is pretty common for smokers. Smokers are at a higher risk for dental implants to fail because a smoker’s mouth takes much longer to heal, and in some cases, it just doesn’t heal. That said, many dentists would advise patients to quit smoking before and during the healing process.


Dental Implant Is a Process

Getting a dental implant will take time. In fact, some cases may take months to complete depending on the number of implants required. What makes the dental implant process take longer than usual dental treatments is that there might be a need for tooth extraction and bone grafting, both of which take time.


These are the most important things that you need to know about dental implants. A good dentist that you’re comfortable with is crucial to the process. The most important part here is that you’re comfortable with your dentist to have a dental implant procedure done. Dental procedures are not cheap, especially in the UK but it’s possible to find an affordable treatment plan that will suit your budget – just get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

Make your teeth shine and look even better—a good set of teeth brews self-confidence.

If you’re looking for dental treatment, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simply posts or frames that are put into your jaw. Once they have been put in, they act as the foundations for your dentist to put your replacement teeth in to. This can be a much-needed treatment for people who have suffered tooth loss either through neglecting their brushing or even through an accident or fall. The importance of dentures is that they ensure that your new teeth stay where they are, remain rigid and don’t move at all.

What type of implants are there?

There are two main types of implants that are used extensively both in dental practices here in the UK and across Europe including in Turkey. The first type of implant is called endosteal implants which are implemented into your jaw through surgery in two stages, the first implants the dentures and the second stage of surgery connects the post to the implant that was put in during the first part of the surgery.

The second type of implants is called Subperiosteal implants that include a metal frame being fitted just above your gums. Over time, as your gums heal, the metal frame becomes embedded and eventually becomes a solid foundation for your dentures to be fitted into.

How long will my dentures last?

On average you can expect your dentures to last one to two decades. Of course, this all depends on where about your dentures are in your gum and what type of fitting you had done. However, a lot of dental professionals advise for you to consider getting your dentures replaced every 5 years or so. Of course, by this time you’re going to have had a few appointments with your dentist so they will be able to advise you on when is an appropriate time.

How much do they cost?

As much of a benefit dental implants can have both to your dental health and to your confidence, one of the biggest downsides of them is the cost. Over here in the UK, a single implant can cost an eye-watering £3500 (BUPA UK). The number of implants you will require will be decided upon by your dental professional and other associated costs such as check-up fees and travel mean that it can all add up to be extremely expensive.

However, if you’re willing to take a short four flight to Turkey you’ll be paying significantly less. On average the cost of a single implant over in Turkey ranges from £396 to £643 depending on type, requirements and complexity. The saving is so impressive that you could get 4-5 implants for the price you’d be paying for a single implant in the UK. This is just one of the reasons why people go to Turkey for their dental care. Now we are going to investigate some others.

What other benefits are there to getting Dental Implants in Turkey?

Another downside to getting implants over here in the UK is the waiting time. On average, you can expect to be waiting between at least 6 months to well over a year for just an initial appointment and longer than that to eventually have them put in. One reason a lot of Brits are flocking over to Turkey is that they’re fed up of waiting around so long for their appointment(s). Whereas, over in Turkey, the whole process of getting dental implants, including all the follow-up appointments and check-ups,  will not take any longer than half a year. You’ll only generally require three visits to your dental professional and the whole process can even be done in a day if your jawbone is suitable enough.

Now you might be thinking, if it’s so cheap and they can do it so quickly, surely the quality of the procedure has been compromised in some way, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The government have long since noticed how lucrative the health tourism industry has been to the country and so have made countrywide investments into the area and education to be able to provide these procedures at such low prices and in such short spaces of time. The quality of dental care, in general, is also world-class with many top dental professionals being based across Turkey

Finally, we all recognise Turkey as a holiday hot spot and just because you’re going there for your dental treatment doesn’t mean you can’t have a relaxing break too. A five-star hotel in Turkey won’t cost you much more than £40 to £50 a night so why not make the most out of the holiday. There are some fantastic holiday resorts in Turkey which also have dental practices including Istanbul, Marmaris and Antalya.

So if you’re thinking about or need to have dental implants and also want to save yourself money and maybe even top up your suntan in the process, book a complimentary consultation with us TODAY.


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As a Brit, one of the costliest health treatments we come across is that of dental surgery. Even if you use the NHS dental services, a check-up will set you back £22.70, if you need a filling that will raise the cost £62.10, and if you’re wanting a more complex procedure such as dentures, you’ll be paying £269.30 per denture. And the problem you have with NHS dental clinics is that there is always a huge waiting list, especially for the more complicated forms of treatment. And if you want to avoid the waiting time and go private not only does this come at an extra annual fee but the
prices can be nearly four to six times more than NHS costs.

These rising dental costs and long waiting times are leading more and more people to look for treatment abroad, as it brings along with it both the benefits of being able to be seen in a much shorter period and at the same time you will be saving money, even with the cost of travel and accommodation factored in.

Going abroad for these services is what’s referred to as health tourism and the most popular place for it by far in the whole of Europe is Turkey. With the recent opening of their new Istanbul airport, over two dozen countries including us here in the UK are within a four-hour flight of this affordable dental care. However, it’s not just the prices, Turkey has invested a lot of money into its healthcare system putting its health tourism sector at the heart of its 2023 vision to boost the country’s economy and create innovation.

On average the cost of dental treatment in Turkey comes in at around 70% cheaper than the UK and the rest of Europe. Each of the dental practices in Turkey also complies to all the European Regulations they need to reassure you that they’re both safe and professional. Another reason why Turkey is so popular is that it’s also quickly becoming a holiday hotspot for us Brits and so you can combine your holiday with getting your dental treatment out of the way. Nearly all the dental practices in Turkey specialise in cosmetic dental treatments as well as non-cosmetic treatments. These cosmetic treatments which are becoming increasingly popular include bone graft (£200) and sinus lifting (£500). If you wanted that bone graft carrying out in the UK it would cost, more than £1,000 for a simple graft or over £2000 for a blocked graft. And when it comes to a sinus lift they can cost from £2,000 to £2,700.

As we’ve touched upon already if you need dental implants, either partially or fully, you want to get these done sooner rather than later as firstly, it’s affecting your confidence, and secondly, it’s affecting your ability to eat. Here in the UK there can be one of two things standing in your way, firstly as we’ve pointed out the extortionate cost, and the waiting period, especially if you’re not on a private scheme, with it usually being half a year at a minimum if you’re lucky rising up to a few years.
Also, if you live in a heavily populated urban area in the UK, chances are you have a handful of dentists within a short drive, but if you live in a heavily rural area such as the Scottish Highlands you can find that you’ll have to drive for hours just to get to your nearest one which is incurring a significant cost in terms of petrol. So, if you’re travelling that far anyway, why not just travel to your nearest airport and enjoy a holiday whilst you’re at it.

Now when it comes to the world holiday, you might be thinking it’s all well and good saving hundreds or thousands of pounds on the treatment itself but what about the flights and the
accommodation? Well return flights to Turkey believe it or not can cost less than £200 and to stay in a local five-star hotel won’t be setting you back at any more than £50 a night meaning that if you’re there 5 days you won’t be spending more than £500 which I’m guessing is considerably less than what you had thought. These low costs mean that in the grand scheme of things you’re also saving money as well as getting a holiday out of your dental trip to Turkey!

If you’re in need of dental treatment and have found that either the waiting times are too long or it’s too expensive over here in the UK, hopefully, this post has revealed the hidden gem to you that is Turkey for dental care. You may have only seen it as a popular tourist destination before, now, however, it is far much more than that and a good option for you if you want quality, affordable and timely dental treatment in one form or another. If you want to know more about dental tourism to Turkey and how we can help just click on the FREE Consultation link and we can answer any questions that you have.


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