Our Guide to Dental Implants – All you Need to Know

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a godsend—these are life-like tooth replacements that will make your teeth look even more beautiful than they are. But before you head to your local dental facility, there are a few things you need to know about dental implants first. Take note, too, that not everyone is “eligible” to have a dental implant.


Jaw Bone Density

Not everyone can get a dental implant for the reason that it needs something to latch onto. Dental implants use the jaw bone to achieve a secure grip for the replacement tooth. However, a lost tooth may cause your jaw bone to shrink, which means that the longer you have a missing tooth, the more your jaw bone may shrink. In fact, the jaw bone can eventually collapse and get reabsorbed by your body.


High Success Rate

You’ll be surprised that a lot of people have gone through a dental implant procedure. In fact, the person next to you might have one also. That’s the thing about dental implants; they look so real that you won’t be able to distinguish it as an implant. That said, the success rate for dental implants is high. However, the dental health of an individual still plays a huge factor here, so the success rate still varies.


Eating Habits

Unlike other dental treatment options, a dental implant will not have a substantial effect on your eating habits. You can still enjoy your food by naturally chewing it. There’s no need to be extra mindful when you’re eating because that implant will barely budge from all that chewing. Dental implants will function like natural teeth.


Risk of Implant Failure

Despite the high success rate of dental implants, there’s still a risk of implant failure, and this is pretty common for smokers. Smokers are at a higher risk for dental implants to fail because a smoker’s mouth takes much longer to heal, and in some cases, it just doesn’t heal. That said, many dentists would advise patients to quit smoking before and during the healing process.


Dental Implant Is a Process

Getting a dental implant will take time. In fact, some cases may take months to complete depending on the number of implants required. What makes the dental implant process take longer than usual dental treatments is that there might be a need for tooth extraction and bone grafting, both of which take time.


These are the most important things that you need to know about dental implants. A good dentist that you’re comfortable with is crucial to the process. The most important part here is that you’re comfortable with your dentist to have a dental implant procedure done. Dental procedures are not cheap, especially in the UK but it’s possible to find an affordable treatment plan that will suit your budget – just get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

Make your teeth shine and look even better—a good set of teeth brews self-confidence.

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