Six Facelift Treatments to Tackle Signs of Ageing


The onset of signs of ageing is inevitable but does that mean you’ve to lose your youthfulness? Certainly not. Whether you develop wrinkles and blemishes when you’re young or later in life, several cosmetic procedures can help you fight the signs of ageing and retain your youth and confidence. A facelift is one of the most common procedures for tackling ageing. It is a rejuvenating treatment, also referred to as rhytidectomy and aids in making a face appear fresh by tackling and eliminating deep folds, sagging and excess skin.

Types of Face Lift

Do you want to undergo a facelift, but the heaps of information regarding the different types of facelifts seem overwhelming? Here is a guide to walk you through the various types of face lifting treatment to help you choose the ideal one for you.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Due to scientific advancements and the rise of minimally invasive techniques, facelifts are no longer exclusively performed surgically. Instead, non-surgical facelifts are now an option. It is the ideal alternative for individuals open to rejuvenating treatments but wary of surgery. The most significant benefit of a non-surgical facelift is that there is no need for general anaesthesia, a surgical incision, or a scar, which also cuts down on the recovery period.

A non-surgical facelift consists of several treatments, such as dermal fillers, platelet-rich plasma facials, a barbed suture lift, ultrasound therapy, and Botox. Each individual requires different combinations of treatments in non-surgical facelifts.

Mini Face Lift

Due to its conservative nature and use of smaller incisions, the mini facelift is a surgical facelift that falls on the lower end of the spectrum. The neck and the lower third of the face, including the sagging skin under the chin and jaw, are the main focus areas for the mini facelift. It is also known as a short-scar facelift due to the cautious nature of the incision and the resulting scars. It is the perfect method for people with only mild signs of ageing who do not meet the requirements for a complete facelift. It is referred to as an endoscopic facelift when it is performed using a camera and small tools.

Mid Face Lift

Do your cheeks or the area around your mouth sag? The mid-facelift is the perfect idea for those who experience sagging and loose skin around the eyes, nose, and mouth. It focuses on the cheeks and under-eye region to lift the under-eyes and produce fuller cheeks with more pronounced cheekbones. The coverage area extends from the undereye to the corner of the mouth.

As its sole focus is the middle third of the face, a mid-facelift does not address flaws on the forehead or in the area around the jaw and neck. The essential procedures are targeting the sagging skin, manipulating the muscles, and adjusting the fat pads in the cheek area. It offers promising and long-lasting results by bringing out the sharper angles of the cheekbones for a smoother, fuller, and younger appearance.

S Lift

The facelift for the lower third of the face is called a segmental lift or an S lift. It is named after the S-shaped incision used to separate the skin from the underlying structures, and it preferentially removes the jowls, neck, jaw sagging, folds, and excess fat. You end up with a lower third that is more defined and smooth-looking, thanks to the manipulation of muscles, fat, and the skin above it.

Upper Face Lift

Do the sagging skin or deep folds on the forehead irk you and hinder you from appearing youthful? The upper facelift targets the upper eye region, the brows and the forehead and eliminates loose, sagging skin and folds in the area but does not affect the skin texture, only tightens the skin for a smooth appearance. It is also known as a brow or a forehead lift.

Full Face Lift

Do you want to create smooth-looking skin and a bright-eyed appearance? Consider the complete facelift. It is also referred to as the “traditional facelift” and conceals flaws in all face areas because it combines methods for lifting the upper, middle, and lower thirds of the face. It is the ideal option for people who exhibit noticeable signs of ageing on different sections of their faces because it provides significant, evident, longer-lasting results for a youthful appearance.

It requires several large and small incisions, including those near the ear, under the chin, and the area of your forehead near the hairline where fascia can be worked to achieve anti-ageing effects.

Which One Is Recommended?

Self-diagnosis is not only malpractice but also poses a significant risk in the long term. So, getting yourself assessed by an experienced clinician to evaluate, diagnose and devise a proper treatment plan to correct all your ageing-related concerns is crucial. Aestheticians can carry out many other aesthetic procedures, but due to the invasive nature of facelifts, it is vital to refer to a licenced practitioner such as a plastic or a cosmetic surgeon.

Why Choose WeCure?

Face lifting treatments are costly and require great precision since it’s a matter of your face, and slight errors can lead to devastating effects. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you are in the hands of trained, skilled and licenced practitioners, so neither your money nor your appearance is at risk. WeCure has a team of highly qualified and experienced clinical practitioners that can assist you in learning more about the possible treatments and curate a personalized treatment plan based on a standalone or combination approach depending upon your requirements and the contours of your face.

All our procedures are conducted under accredited and renowned professionals at the holiday resorts in Turkey to offer you a treat-cation. During this vacation, you have fun and receive the necessary treatment. From site accurate, minimal incision to scar management and recovery, our experts take care of everything and stay at your disposal till you are satisfied with your appearance. All this while you are having fun.

So, whether you want to understand the complexities of a facial lift or are a cosmetic facelift to bid adieu to ageing woes, we can answer all your queries and assist you on each step on the way to your youthful and rejuvenated skin.

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