Medical Tourism – Ensuring a Happy and Healthy Trip

There are a number of popular trends associated with travel today, like food tours or backpacking in countries like Turkey or Mexico. Another rising travel trend is medical tourism or health tourism, which allows one to take in the sights and wonders of a foreign country while also finding effective medical treatments that may not be available (or are especially pricey) in one’s home country.

Some countries, such as Turkey, have become hotspots for medical tourism (for example, cosmetic treatments on holiday). However, as any inexperienced medical traveller will tell you, there are many ill-made choices that can turn any healing trip into more of a disease or disaster.

If the travel plans are ill-conceived, even the smallest detail left unresearched can lead to further deterioration of one’s health. Luckily, there are experienced travellers and partners who have already gone through the process and have a list of don’ts ready!

As aspiring “health tourists” should be well-prepared, take note of our three tips to make sure that your medical trip goes as smoothly as possible:


1 – Seek a Second Opinion and Check Testimonials

This step is probably a no-brainer for any patient looking to receive medical treatment abroad (and even in their own home country). Doctors themselves often recommend their patients to get a second opinion if they’re feeling unsure of the recommended course of action.

Being honest with your doctor about your medical tourism plans are another important way to ensure your own safety. Remember to also ask your doctor about the medical procedures you intend to undertake as to ensure you aren’t misled by bogus medical centres or practitioners.

Speaking of bogus medical centres, one of the biggest obstacles any medical tourist can make is about forgetting to ask for a relevant healthcare accreditation. Attaining accreditation involves the standards and procedures of any hospital, clinic or medical professional being checked and accessed by a respected international medical organisation or association.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of non-accredited hospitals out there, even in countries known for their high standard of medical care. As a responsible health tourist, consider asking your doctor for a list of things you should be looking for to ensure you’ll be receiving safe and appropriate treatment.

You can rest assured that all WeCure medical partner clinics, hospitals and practitioners hold the highest levels of accreditation for your peace of mind.


2 – Prepare Yourself Financially

One rookie mistake that many medical tourists make is assuming treatment elsewhere will be cheap. While it’s true that getting your medical procedure done in a country like Turkey will likely cost you less, you also have to consider any expenses that may arise regarding accommodation or emergency procedures. You don’t want to be caught blindsided by the cost of an overlooked medical expenditure, so ensure you budget and come with an emergency fund from which you can easily withdraw money if needed to ensure a seamless medical tourism experience.

Scrutinizing medical expenses and making sure there is mutual accountability between the patient and medical professional can be legally bound through a contract. Make sure to read even the fine print of your bill. Your personal security—both financially and medically—should be a top priority.

Unlike many other health facilitators, WeCure always provide a fully inclusive price quotation which also includes accommodation, transfers and a 24-hour personal concierge among other conveniences so there are no nasty surprises!


3 – Make Sure You Have a Safety Net

When your plans are in place and you are ready to seek medical attention in a foreign country, don’t be the traveller who forgets to ensure a safety net like a travel companion and travel insurance.

Travelling with someone by your side will ensure you have someone to enjoy the sights of a new country, while also providing you with support as you recover from a medical procedure. And like any trip that takes you to another country, travel insurance is for the good of the traveller. Medical Tourism Insurance is the same as it protects medical tourists from further complications at the onset of the medical procedure.



 As medical tourism continues to be on the rise for many travel hopefuls, there are many details that you should take note of. The success of this particular type of travel is different because it requires extra care and foresight to make sure a medical tourism trip is successful. Using a reputable company such as WeCure, with the highest standards and aftercare should be a priority.

Luckily, for medical tourists looking for cosmetic treatments while on holiday, Turkey can be your next medical tourism spot of choice.

Be a better YOU with WeCure! We are a UK-based medical facilitation company that connects patients with accredited doctors, clinics, and hospitals. We ensure those seeking health tourism opportunities in Turkey for treatments such as dental care, hair transplants, aesthetic treatments, and even mental health therapy are taken good care of! Consult with WeCure today for your health tourism needs.


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