The Rise of Medical Tourism

A booming industry that has increased in popularity over the years, health tourism refers to patients travelling outside of their home country to receive medical treatment elsewhere. Among the main reasons for its growth are the rising costs of healthcare in places like the U.S. and U.K. To understand why medical tourism is taking over healthcare options, it’s important to understand the implications of medical practices in the aforementioned places.


The U.S. Healthcare System

Whether applying for an individual or family plan, medical insurance in the U.S. comes with exorbitantly high premiums. Additionally, some plans will restrict the providers you can consult with and limit the services you qualify for.

Oftentimes, private insurance holders in the U.S. must get pre-authorised for procedures, which also only allow visits to in-network physicians and clinics within HMO and PPO systems. This means you’re more likely to be subject to longer waiting periods.

Other common problems U.S. health insurance holders encounter are being recommended health procedures that aren’t medically necessary. Though you may be able to appeal such decisions, you won’t likely get coverage for necessary procedures.

If you’re at risk of a chronic illness that isn’t included in your plan, you can be at risk of serious financial problems and render your coverage useless. Though U.S. support services such as social security, Medicare, and Medicaid are helpful for the most part, the amount of support you receive over your lifetime isn’t usually enough to improve more serious conditions.


The U.K. Healthcare System

As compared to the U.S., U.K. healthcare is government-funded under the National Health Service (NHS). One advantage the U.K. healthcare system has over U.S. systems is the 100% availability of coverage for all citizens and the fact that this is collected and funded from general taxes.

However, these systems may also be subject to limitations and long waiting periods and won’t cover cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants or some dental treatments.


Consider Medical Tourism

Medical tourism options such as the ones we offer at WeCure make for a viable option for those seeking procedures such as implants or dental veneers. Among the most popular destinations to visit for cosmetic work is Turkey, which is abundant in first-rate medical clinics and internationally accredited professionals. Specialists are also well-equipped to interface with foreign patients.

At WeCure, we facilitate relationships between medical tourists and highly-regarded medical facilities in Turkey. Not to mention, we also offer competitive treatment costs and tailor-make personal healthcare plans. From initial contact to the time you return home, WeCure fully manages your entire medical journey.



As the costs of medical care in the U.K. and the U.S. continue to rise, many patients are looking for alternative solutions and in many cases further afield. However, it’s important to scope out options carefully to avoid a low quality of care and potential botched procedures.

By working with WeCure to facilitate your medical journey and procedure, you can receive aesthetic treatments in Turkey for lower prices and world-class work. We connect you only with the most skilled specialists and ensure that you’re taken care of every step of the way.

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Photo by Orest Yaremchuk on Unsplash