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How Good is Turkey for Healthcare?

Why is Turkey a Good Destination for Healthcare?

Did you know Turkey is one of the most visited destinations in the world? It is ranked the sixth most visited tourism destination in the entire world! Over the years it has also come to be a very popular medical tourism destination too with over half a million tourists coming in for medical purposes. It has been recorded that during 2016, almost 200,000 medical tourists visited Turkey but this number skyrocketed to over 500,000 medical tourists as of 2019!

One of the reasons these numbers grew was because of an increasing number of tourists from Europe (especially the UK and Germany) and much further afield from the US and Canada. One particular are which saw an increase was with plastic and cosmetic surgery (according to sector representatives; over 700,000 people made a visit for plastic surgery in Turkey).

It was recorded that over 30 million people travel abroad yearly to receive medical care all over the world, spending over $160 billion and Turkey just has become a top ten health tourism destination as of last year, previously ranking 17th from 5 years ago.

Before Turkey became a favorite and popular medical tourism destination, attracting tourists from all over the world, Germany and the United States ranked quite highly, but have been out-ranked not only on the quality of healthcare with Turkey’s internationally accredited clinics and medical professionals but also due to costs, with many procedures available at just a fraction of the total cost in comparison to other countries.

Another supporting factor is the Turkish Governments recognition of the importance of health tourism, with over 60% of the overall investment being subsidised by the state, resulting in even more cost-effective treatments and a higher standard of care in state-of-the-art, modern health facilities.

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, now makes almost half of its revenue from medical tourism patients. As of now, Turkey is a great place to visit for any medical condition, ranging from dental treatment, optical care, beauty treatments & cosmetic surgery, Vitro fertilization treatment and of course, hair transplant surgery. Turkey’s and the Health Ministry’s announcement of its plans to increase the number of medical tourists to over 2 million, by way of introducing tax-free healthcare zones for foreign health tourists is also testament to Turkey’s commitment to becoming a global healthcare hub.

Dental Care in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top-rated places to have dental care procedures. With the price of having dental implants being at a mere fraction of what it would cost in places such as the US and UK, it’s no wonder many people flock there for great dentistry. It’s not unusual for there to be more than a 60% saving on dental procedures to what you would have to pay at home for the same treatment.

The main attraction for traveling to Turkey for dental treatment is of course the price. Patients can save on average 50-70%. This is especially true for dental procedures such as a full set of implants, all-on-4/all-on-6 and veneers.

Other procedures, some of which can be done in one sitting while also enjoying a Mediterranean beach vacation, include cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth-whitening, bridges, dentures and even crowns. So if you know your teeth are in a bad state, require attention and you would like to get some work done at an affordable price while being thoroughly effective and at a high-standard, then why not take that dental holiday to Turkey to fix all your problems? It would please you to know that it doesn’t take much of your time and you would get an appointment sooner than you think with a dentist of your choice.

Hair Transplantation Surgery in Turkey

You may be wondering why Turkey is one of the best places to get have a hair transplant. Many people seeking to get hair transplants of different types and for a variety of reasons, decide to visit Turkey not just due to the cost-savings, but because of the extremely high quality and standard of the clinics and hair transplant surgeons, the vast majority of which hold internationally recognised accreditation.

Hair transplant in Turkey increased tremendously in 2018 with over 200 transplants being performed daily! Over 700,000 people were recorded to have visited the country for at least a capillary intervention as over a billion dollars have been generated by medical tourists seeking a hair transplant.

Most medical tourists come to Turkey for hair transplantation due to the substantial savings on offer, more than 50-60% is fairly standard in comparison to countries such as the US and UK.


If you’re still wondering why Turkey is considered to be one of the top healthcare and medical tourism destinations in the world, then read on…

For one, the reason why Turkey is leading the world as a top medical destination is due to the consistent high standards of clinics, health professionals and healthcare in general. In the Joint Commission Internal (JCI), Turkey has the highest number of accredited hospitals in the whole world with at least 47 private hospitals. In total, Turkey has over 580 private hospitals and thousands of public hospitals which have an excellent reputation for providing patients with exceptional quality healthcare services to fit their individual treatments.

In addition to all this, Turkey has a highly functional health care system, with world-leading and highly qualified medical teams. Due to Turkey’s high population rates and the rapidly growing number of patients, Turkish medical staff is well versed in dealing with patients from all around the globe. They are one of the very first countries to successfully operate with high-end technology as each of the clinics are equipped with modern and advanced equipment to suit patients requirements. The minister of health in Turkey follows a policy very similar to the United States’ medical system. Turkish hospitals also provide patients with the best multilingual translators; that way nobody is left behind.

Advantages of Turkey over other Medical Tourism Countries

There are so many reasons why Turkey stands out as a leadign destination for international healthcare. Many of which have been listed above, but don’t forget, Turkey is both safe and easy to travel to too with a regional airport hub and flight connections to pretty much everywhere, it’s never been as easy to travel to Turkey.

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