Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simply posts or frames that are put into your jaw. Once they have been put in, they act as the foundations for your dentist to put your replacement teeth in to. This can be a much-needed treatment for people who have suffered tooth loss either through neglecting their brushing or even through an accident or fall. The importance of dentures is that they ensure that your new teeth stay where they are, remain rigid and don’t move at all.

What type of implants are there?

There are two main types of implants that are used extensively both in dental practices here in the UK and across Europe including in Turkey. The first type of implant is called endosteal implants which are implemented into your jaw through surgery in two stages, the first implants the dentures and the second stage of surgery connects the post to the implant that was put in during the first part of the surgery.

The second type of implants is called Subperiosteal implants that include a metal frame being fitted just above your gums. Over time, as your gums heal, the metal frame becomes embedded and eventually becomes a solid foundation for your dentures to be fitted into.

How long will my dentures last?

On average you can expect your dentures to last one to two decades. Of course, this all depends on where about your dentures are in your gum and what type of fitting you had done. However, a lot of dental professionals advise for you to consider getting your dentures replaced every 5 years or so. Of course, by this time you’re going to have had a few appointments with your dentist so they will be able to advise you on when is an appropriate time.

How much do they cost?

As much of a benefit dental implants can have both to your dental health and to your confidence, one of the biggest downsides of them is the cost. Over here in the UK, a single implant can cost an eye-watering £3500 (BUPA UK). The number of implants you will require will be decided upon by your dental professional and other associated costs such as check-up fees and travel mean that it can all add up to be extremely expensive.

However, if you’re willing to take a short four hours direct flight to ever sunny Antalya, Turkey you’ll be paying significantly less. On average the cost of a single implant over in Turkey ranges from £396 to £643 depending on type, requirements and complexity. The saving is so impressive that you could get 4-5 implants for the price you’d be paying for a single implant in the UK. This is just one of the reasons why people go to Turkey for their dental care. Now we are going to investigate some others.

What other benefits are there to getting Dental Implants in Turkey?

Another downside to getting implants over here in the UK is the waiting time. On average, you can expect to be waiting between at least 6 months to well over a year for just an initial appointment and longer than that to eventually have them put in. One reason a lot of Brits are flocking over to Turkey is that they’re fed up of waiting around so long for their appointment(s). Whereas, over in Turkey, the whole process of getting dental implants, temporary teeth, healing period and finally your 2nd visit to fix the crowns could take as short as 3 months. You’ll generally require to go to your dental professional 2-3 times in each of your 2 visits to Antalya.

Now you might be thinking, if it’s so cheap and they can do it so quickly, surely the quality of the procedure has been compromised in some way, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The government have long since noticed how lucrative the health tourism industry has been to the country and so have made countrywide investments into the area and education to be able to provide these procedures at such low prices and in such short spaces of time. The quality of dental care, in general, is also world-class with many top dental professionals being based across Turkey

Finally, we all recognise Turkey as a holiday hot spot and just because you’re going there for your dental treatment doesn’t mean you can’t have a relaxing break too. There are many fantastic holiday resorts in Turkey and it won’t cost you much more than £40 to £50 a night so why not make the most out of the holiday?

So if you’re thinking about or need to have dental implants and also want to save yourself money and maybe even top up your suntan in the process, book a complimentary consultation with us TODAY.


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