A 12-Month Skincare Checklist for your Big Event – Our Guide

When you have a big event coming up—a wedding, graduation, or another important life milestone—it’s important to look your best. It is not just so you can have beautiful photos (although that’s a large part of it!). A good skincare routine will not only help you look absolutely radiant on the day but also help you get into the rhythm of your arrangements, which keeps you in planning and preparation mode.

Having a skincare routine also helps boost your confidence on the big day, which is one of the most basic beauty secrets. But before you plunge into the comprehensive, extensive world of skincare and dermatology, it is always good to have a bird’s eye view of things.

Here is a checklist to help you plot your aesthetic treatment for the coming year.


12 months before: Skin assessments and consultation

Planning your skincare routine with a specialist is the best way to begin. If you have a skin assessment, a machine at your aesthetician’s office will take your photograph from different angles and in various lighting.

This helps the specialist assess variables and recommend a course for you. Because everybody’s skin is different, people might have different reactions to the same procedure. A skin analysis helps your specialist achieve the best outcome for you.


12 to six months before the big day: Major dermatological procedures

Getting wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers months before your big day helps your skin settle and fully heal. Botox®, the most popular wrinkle relaxer, is used in making subtle enhancements to faces. It can also be used to lift and shape your brows and slim the face.

Dermal fillers like cheekbone enhancements should also be done within this timeframe. Fillers can be used to sculpt and reshape your face, so it’s best done much ahead. An aesthetician can help you make your face more symmetrical using these procedures.

Getting a hair transplant should be done as far away from the wedding date as possible. The transplanted hair will look its best six months to a year from the procedure, so this must be among the first things you should have treated.


Six months before the big day: Body contouring

If you’re planning on having non-surgical slimming, you should have it half a year in advance. Body slimming treatments usually take up to 12 weeks for the best results, so you might put this off until three months before the big day.

Because you’re getting yourself fitted for a gown, however, it’s best to do this half a year in advance and keep it up with regular sculpting sessions and exercise. If you don’t want the scarring involved in traditional body sculpting procedures, opt for a non-surgical method. This will help tone you to your desired silhouette, minus the marks.


Five to three months before your wedding: Maintenance

Facials and hair masks should be started closer to the wedding date. That is so you can reap the benefits of getting the treatment worked into the skin properly. Avoid harsh chemicals, and work hair and skin treatments into your daily routine. Ask your aesthetician about what products will work best on your complexion.


Three months to two weeks before the day: Finishing touches

Lash extensions, mesotherapy, eyelash lifting, and gel manicures and pedicures should be accomplished as close to the wedding date as possible. These procedures require more maintenance than others and doing them too far from the wedding date might be counterproductive.

You might have to go for a second or third round if you have these procedures too early, so timing is a factor. Your specialist would be able to give you a reasonable timeframe to follow.



When you’re getting ready for a big event, you would naturally want to look your best. However, not all treatments should be scheduled months ahead. You need to time your salon and dermatologist visits to make it easy on your skin, time, and budget. Scheduling with a knowledgeable cosmetic clinic will help you achieve the results you need.

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