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Our mission

Here at WeCure, we believe that people should have the freedom to improve their healthcare and confidence in a way (and place) that suits their lifestyle. Everyone is entitled to access high-quality medical care, treatment and beauty procedures.

Why and how we do it

As good and valued our UK NHS is, it’s just too stretched with many patients enduring long waiting times for what is sometimes mediocre care, even in the private health sector. Plus, due to soaring costs, it can be inaccessible for many people. Our mission is to provide affordable alternatives to everyone all around the UK and connecting them with trusted doctors, clinics and hospitals, regardless of location, time and budget. We facilitate concierge medical services for individuals and organisations via internationally accredited medical institutions in Antalya and Istanbul, Turkey. All our clinics, doctors, specialists and other treatment providers are all carefully and rigorously vetted. Each clinic, hospital and treatment provider is checked for physician expertise, accreditations and certifications, facility condition, and patient satisfaction. WeCure offers competitive, timely treatment costs, together with tailor-made health service plans. On top, WeCure seamlessly manages each client’s medical journey from initial contact through top the time they return home and beyond.

Our beginnings

WeCure started its operations in April 2019 and has worked with dental, aesthetic and hair transplant patients from the UK from day 1. Despite a long list of happy clients, we are at the beginning of our journey and are in the process of introducing additional procedures; IVF, Psychological Therapy, Eye Treatments and substance addiction are all in the pipeline, as well as new markets including Germany and Benelux countries among many others. As part of our next stage of growth, we plan to offer both physical and mental health support at very affordable rates and flexible benefits that allow individuals to access potentially life-changing healthcare.

As part of our scaling-up business journey, we are on the lookout for enthusiastic people to join us in a ‘brand ambassadorship’ role. Best suited for those who share our values and ethos with active social media presence.

Here are our terms of service and a few key factors we are looking for in our brand ambassadors.

  • Refer WeCure services and procedures to your existing clients and customers
  • Be active on social media
  • Be passionate about health and wellbeing, and of course about our brand
  • Be happy to purchase treatments at discounted rates to represent our brand and help with promotion [where appropriate and as needed]
  • Be willing to take high quality photographs and video before, during and after procedures
  • Post photos or video content about your WeCure journey (if applicable)

In exchange, you’ll get:

  • Affiliation to a leading healthcare concierge brand
  • Discounts on all procedures
  • A minimum £100 referral fee per completed procedure

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